It's your day, make the most of it! 

When you book a day at EVP, you'll have the ability to map out your experiences and create your own schedule. Each experience is limited to one hour, up to 7 per day. 


All guests are provided with an e-bike that will allow them the freedom to move at their own pace throughout the day and get to the next experience.



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Cybertruck Hill Climb

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Climb obstacles, power through the mud, and sprint straight up the mountain. The ride back down will test your stomach!   Experience covers 100 acres. 

RC Road Race

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Weighing in at 25 lbs, costing north of 3k, these are not your everyday kids toys. Capable of 60 mph, the  1.5 scale Kraton is a beast. Two practice sessions lead to a race every hour.  Experience covers 10 acres. 

Zero E Moto Madness

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Ever wish you could ride like a RedBull star?  Here's your chance. Hit the stadium course, then try your luck at the uphill challenge starting at 2,500 up to 5,000 ft elevation. Experience covers 35 acres. 

Extreme Mountain Ride w Specialized

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This 10 mile timed course offers every type of terrain, suitable for advanced riders only. At just under 3 hours, this course will take you to the limits, and back on the all-new Turbo Levo SL. 

Tesla Drifting 

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Learn how to do controlled donuts on our gravel skidpad. Then hit the short course for a timed run in a  heavily modified Model 3 Performance. Experience covers 10 acres.

Polaris Stadium Course

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Join us in discovering the capabilities of the all-new Polaris Electric Razor. It's faster than you could imagine, say goodbye to ICE! Experience covers 25 acres. 

Stand up ATV ride

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An extreme off-road machine, able to generate endless moments of off-road and excitement on our mountain trails. Experience covers 50 acres.

Specialized road

e-bike experience.

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With newly paved, lightly traveled roads, take a group ride through breathtaking scenery on the all-new Specialized Turbo Creo SL e-bike.