The Ultimate Event Venue 


For groups looking for the best of everything, we have the answer. EVIP is located between EVP East and West, spans 300 acres. We've focused this venue on three distinctly different modes of vacationing to offer groups unparalleled versatility for events of any size. No reason to pick one, you have access to all three along with tours to the "other park". 


  1. The obvious, adrenaline-fueled fun with the latest in electric recreational products. Accompanied by private guides, your group can join our other guests in both EVP East and West, make your own schedule and move at your own pace. Or, we can bring the fun to you, setting up nearly any activity with all of the products at EVP. 

  2. Inspired by Nikki Beach Club, the resort pool located mountainside will afford a relaxing day with poolside massages, the ability to custom create any menu you choose, and tasty beverages included. 

  3. The Happy Goat Farm. Spanning 40 acres, and home to goats, sheep, cows, lamas, and alpacas, we can create any experience you like with our animal rescue's, and offer culinary classes and dining experiences on this majestic farm. Our companion goats can hang at your residence or go for walks. All products grown at the farm, flower fruits and veggies, can be picked and brought to residences. 

We opted to skip the "cabins" and built 20 homes, ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 sq ft. perched on the mountain with breathtaking views. Our lodging is only available to EVIP guests, and all the homes are included in the EVIP experience regardless of group size. And if your group needs more lodging, we'll help locate options. Here's a flyover of the EVIP 300 acre park. 


 The Happy Goat Farm



Healthy soil = healthy food

You may notice scientists wandering the fields... rest assured they're not lost! We've partnered with the USDA and California Department of Food and Agriculture to ensure our soil is healthy and full of good bacteria that lead to healthier and more delicious fruits, veggies, and even eggs.

Our fighting goats

Our goats are sweet and friendly, but every day they're on the front lines fighting climate change! Our goats' grazing helps the soil retain carbon from the atmosphere. With healthy farming practices like these, top soil could retain 40% of all carbon in the atmosphere... fight on, goats!

The giveback

Our affiliate nonprofit, The Hungry Goat,  will use surplus products from the farm to provide free, nutritious food to people in need across the state of California. A portion of EVP Event revenue supports The Hungry Goat and is tax-deductible. 

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