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Zero E Moto Trail Ride.
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Polaris Stadium Course
E Kart Racing
1/5 Scale RC Road Track
Hummer SUV Experience


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Included in the price of a one-day admission to EVP East is an hour's drive in the latest in electric vehicles, based on availability at the time of booking. The roads leaving the park to scenic Lake Mclure are some of the most beautiful in the world, but it's your time, go where you like! 


Choose any car from our fleet of EVs including Porche, Audi, Tesla, Bolinger, Lucid, Volkwagen, and the all-new Ford Mustang. 

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All cars in our fleet are for sale and can be taken to their new home at the end of the day!


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Tesla Driving Academy provides world-class European-style rally driving instruction combined with advanced defensive driving techniques. 

We'll be using a fleet of Tesla Model 3's  (performance), which have the ability to change from 4wd to 2wd with both front and rear bias. 

Our driving courses are unique, provide personalized one-on-one instruction and the team has skills-based training and experience events to suit everyone’s experience levels and individual goals.  


The skills you learn from our instructors will improve your driving give you new skills to enhance your capabilities in both on and off-road scenarios. We'll teach you how to handle everyday driving hazards, to avoid accidents, and potentially save lives.


Suitable for all experience levels and skillsets TDA has something for everyone! It’s fast. It’s technical. It’s fun. It’s smart!