One price, play all day! 

Our gates open at 7:30 am, and from 9 until 5 pm you'll have the opportunity to experience the latest in electric recreational products and vehicles at our 2,000-acre adventure park. 

To give that some context, Disneyland spans 85 acres, Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom covers 107 acres, and Central Park is 840 acres.

Both EVP East and West require a full day, and 2-day passes can be reserved. All guests are provided with an e-bike or scooter that will allow them the freedom to move at their own pace throughout the day and travel between experiences.

To maximize guests' time at the park, YouTube videos will be provided in advance to explain how all the products work and safety guidelines. 


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EVP WEST offers an 8-hour structured program.

  • There are 6 experiences, each being roughly an hour long.

  • Guests enjoy a 30-minute ride from the welcome center to West in the morning and afternoon. They can choose from different products, scooters, e-bikes, mini bikes, dune buggies, etc. 

  • Everyone gets together for lunch hour, and food is included via food trucks. 

  • Five teams of 10 guests move together through the day with 3 staff members who provide instruction and support, rotating through the experiences. 

  • As the day is mapped out, guests can opt-out of any experience, relax, or ride the e-bike pump track that's open all day for West guests only. 

  • One-hour drives in EV's are available, to be scheduled in advance.  

  • For those looking for the utmost privacy, a group buyout discount is available. 

  • Capacity is limited to 50 per day.


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EVP EAST functions more like a traditional amusement park, guests move freely and engage in whatever experiences they choose. But no need for fast passes, guests are limited to 50 per day. Private guides are available for instruction, and if you choose to spend more time on the e-bikes, there's a 5-mile loop that summits Mt. Bullion.